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The company’s logo describes, in short, the company’s soul.


Carbontech logo, in the shape of a gecko, comes from “carbon” and “technology” words.



ct_logo_01Carbon” because of the technology fibre par excellence : “carbon fibre”.


Technology”  because every product and/or the manufacturing processes are registered and copyrighted to protect the company and its clients from imitations.


Gecko, an animal related to luck, is able to adhere on every surface.


For some cultures, gecko is the symbol of adaptability, regeneration and power, probably because it can adapt to any situation.>>>



Arancione: colore legato all'energia fisica e mentale. Stimola il movimento, la fiducia in se stessi e libera dalle inibizioni e condizionamenti.  Di solito prediletto da persone che hanno capacità di "cambiare".



Colore Arancione:                                       Tipo Carattere:

          pantone: 151 C                                           logo: lettera 32

          quadricromia: 0 - 50 - 100 - 0                      pay off: Univers 45 light




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