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Biography: “an ephemeral trail in the snow”


Well, speaking about biography for such a young company as ours, seems like a heresy .


But, the question is: “when can you say that a new company is born?”


Almost everybody will give one of these answers:


1-      when the society is established by a notary deed

2-      when the company is registered for VAT

3-      when the company makes its first sale


We think different.


In our opinion, a company is born when someone has a brainwave.


When the founder member has a business idea, because he took notice of a lack in the marketplace so he thought to fill it up.


Carbontech is born in a beautiful morning of November, when one of the two founder members was standing in line with his family waiting for the cableway.


It was a bright day, the ski slopes were perfect, all covered with powdery snow.





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