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Carbontech is a young high-power company born in Curno, province of Bergamo, thanks to the ability and working experiences of three partners, or better, friends: the first one is an expert in the field  of inks and paint, the second one is qualified in treatment and  reproduction of digital  imagines, the third one has competence in marketing.


The two main businesses :


1 - supply companies that operate in the composite sector, with innovative solutions able to  customize easily and economically their products.


2 - production and marketing of high range skis, characterized for their extreme personalization.


04_tessuto_carbonioThanks to the solutions developed by the company, any item - made with raw materials: carbon, aramidic fibre, fibreglass and other ones, by the use of innovative and patented manufacturing processes - can be personalized, during the productive phases, according to the customer’s request:  names, writings, logos, and also photos and drawings.



Carbontech Srl - Via Bergamo 38 - 24035 Curno (BG) - Italia   P.IVA.03518990167




Soluzioni innovative brevettate per personalizzare prodotti in carbonio.

Pellicola stampata con qualità fotografica che resiste al calore, pressione ed azione corrosiva delle resine.

Può quindi essere inserita direttamente in autoclave, come strato più esterno, ed il pezzo esce dallo stampo già finito e decorato.