carbontech personalizzazione carbonio pellicole


Innovation Benefits Characteristics






They are so many, the mains are:


1 – cost savingesempio_01

It’s no longer necessary, apply a sticker and then a new painting.


2 – time saving.

At the end of the productive phases the item is already personalized


3 – best aesthetic effect.

Our film is printed in high resolution, its performance is comparable to a picture.


4 - no system expense.

Every image is designed and printed with digital process.

No need of printing test as in serigraphy


5 - great resistance to scratches

The image is encompassed and protected by the exterior layer of resin.



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Soluzioni innovative brevettate per personalizzare prodotti in carbonio.

Pellicola stampata con qualità fotografica che resiste al calore, pressione ed azione corrosiva delle resine.

Può quindi essere inserita direttamente in autoclave, come strato più esterno, ed il pezzo esce dallo stampo già finito e decorato.